come rain or come shine

Is it true? What happened in Jeddah? I still can't believe it. My family left to Madinah after my first day in Casablanca, called mom and my cousins and they were enjoying Al Madinah though their flight was delayed for over an hour due to the rain and the airport was flooded indoors.

I found out through twitter. First everyone was anticipating the rain, then people were dying. Went back to the hotel and the flood was on on euronews. Had to wait for another half hour for it to be on Al Jazeera. I'm still in shock.

It rains and people die. I just woke up and this is all I can think about.


  1. It's terrifying... check the links I posted in the last post.. KAUH has drowned..
    and they closed radio and labs. no electricity. no water.. the freakiest thing ever *_*

    and patients are definitely in a mess, though I'm still waiting for updates... we can only pray for the best!!!

  2. am sorry to hear that, hope none of ur beloveds sar 3alah shai..

    i know how u feel. two years ago a cyclone hted oman and i had the same thought.. it rains, people dies..

    sob7an allah


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