Five CC Of Blue

Called my lovely cousin Rami over for a shoot, I need photos of a guy looking all doctor-like and whatnot. Dressed him in a shirt of mine, my lab coat, gave him my stethoscope and torch. His primary concern was anyone noticing which side the buttons are on.


Pretty doctory, aint he? Then decided I should have a shoot with a syringe. Called the pharmacy and got a 5cc.

Rami: Asmaa, what is this in the syringe?
Me: Water and food colouring, what’s wrong?
Rami: It has its needle attached to it…
Me: Yeah, I know. Now hold it correctly…
Rami: Aren’t you afraid it’ll hit the ceiling if I squeeze too quick?
Me: It wont hit the ceiling. Stand here. Ok, now look at the camera, not the syringe.
Rami: But I don’t like needles…
Me: Ya rabbie! Rami! Just hold the syringe! At the count of three, squeeze a bit off, kai?
Rami: okai…

… Eight shots later…


P.S. i love my grey shirt! xD


  1. amazing shots... you're really awesome!!
    and funny how he looks at the syringe :p
    he really hates them huh ?? :p

  2. Fadiosis:
    thanx hun!
    i just hope no-one starts a movement against model abuse...

  3. Are any of the props in your photos for rent, like syringe, cousin and/or coat?

  4. you can borrow the syringe and coat... Dont think i can rent you my cousin though, Fayiz started a movement against model abuse. I guess it's because he cant abuse his models, he doesnt want anyone else to have any fun *sigh*

  5. Love the pics. Love the cousin too ^^,
    Syringes are harmless.. He should toughen up tho :pP

  6. Haha! Cute! I like Rami Syringe Pictures #2 and #5. He doesn't look too freaked out of the syringe. Haha.

    Oh, and his nails are so pretty! HAND MODEL!!

  7. Lab coat shot very good, and no revelation of the gender of the coat.

    Of the syringe shots:
    #1 looks very professional (except for the blue "medication" but the colour works artistically), and then after that he looks rather like a reluctant nursing student (sorry for the demotion).

  8. thank you darling!
    well, the syringe shots were just for the fun of it, couldnt help myself xD


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