Day Two In Morocco

After the agonizing trip I spoke of in “Day One In Morocco” [click here] we managed to get up at a somewhat reasonable hour for breakfast then went to the old market in Mhammadiyah.

Later on that day, in a dark movie theatre, I learned than John Cusack is the answer to everything. He survives the apocalypse! Yes, I just gave away the ending to 2012. But come on, did you really NOT see that coming?

Food Journal for Hning, Day Two:

- Ceasar Salad
- Espresso
- Aubergene and Halloum cheese sandwich
- Banana and chocolate crepe

Lunch + Dinner:
-Sweet pastries called Raghayif, which are covered in butter and honey. We had three types of those: Msammin, Baghreer and Melwi.
-Thé A La Menthe, LOADS of it throughout the stay, actually.
-A type of biscuit called Faquas, served with tea.




All photos copyrighted to the awesome Asmaa Mohurji. Please do not steal. kthnxbai!


  1. Oh pottery! Tagine pots specifically. Great photos and colours. Getting very homesick and having a shopping urge all at once!

  2. thanx!
    aww didnt mean to get u homesick :(

  3. No worries, it will have me inspired to travel! LOL :)


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