Friday, 4th of December, 2009

Last night, I finally managed to get some sleep 7amdolila.

Woke up at 3 pm to find a BB message that Amna sent me at 1, she’s going to the Exhibition Centre to help with the supplies people are sending in for the flood victims. I promised Ghaida and Duha that I’ll see them at 5 and mom tried to talk me out of leaving the house, “you still have the flu, stay in and have some tea!”.

Amna keept saying it’s such a mess there, they only started getting things done at 4pm though they were supposed to start at 8 am.

by sundown I managed to get out of the house, I haven’t been out since I got back. Went to Casper’s for tea this time, coffee and a sore throat don’t get along too well. Decaffeination is a b****, even though I didn’t totally decaffeinate.

Andalus street is so quiet. It has never been this quiet before, it scares me.

Told Amna I’d proly help out tomorrow, and then she mentioned the dust. I still can’t handle dust, I cough my lungs out to the smell of food. She says some girls are coming over to her place to help with the database, office work is something I can handle insa’allah, I hope.

Strepsils, my lovely friend, how I adore thee!

Food Journal of Day Three in Morocco for Hning:

- salted crackers

- Gratin de St. Pierre et Saumon
- Creamed spinach
Lunch was absolutely scrumptious!

- paprika flavoured chips
- diet coke
- tagliatelle quatre fromages
I know, not very Moroccan. we went to Rabat that day, spent the day shooting.

panoramic view of Mausoleum Of Mohammad V, King of Morocco in Rabat. took some 9 photos to stitch this and its not perfect.

SOUM_3673_small copy

SOUM_3677_small copyBnW
Mausoleum of King Mohammad V.


All photos copyrighted to the awesome Asmaa Mohurji. Please do not steal. kthnxbai!


  1. Fabulous shots! I have been there and these show a new appreciation and detail.

    Take care. I have a dry persistent cough X10 days and a lot of empty Halls wrappers on my desk at the moment.

    Neocitran--works wonders or at least puts you to sleep.


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