Saturday, December 5th '09

It felt like I only slept for a second before the alarm went off. I hate it when that happens. Woke up, showered and went to Amna’s. There were another 5 girls there, we finished entering the data in an hour instead of three. Felt good to get work done!

Went to the Exhibition Centre to give back the I.D. papers we took from the people, the ones from which we got the data. Met so many people, got out in an hour.

Duha went to Quwaiza. I’m dying to go as well, but they evacuated. The pain of not being able to accomplish anything is greater than the pain the flu’s been giving me. But then I went to the doctor and he gave me his own lecture: no fluctuating temperature, no dust, take this other antibiotic, other cough syrup and some corticosteroids to seal the deal. Made me even more blue.

After I managed to convince myself that I need to tend to me at the moment, so I can be able to go to college insha’allah and that the work I did was enough for my health status a girl calls to tell me that Dr. Samar’s taking volunteers to the temporary houses tomorrow at noon if I’d be interested, there are some in Tahlia and Palestine street… which are close to home! Hope I can make it.

Now, Food Journal of Day Four in Morocco for Hning:

- Panini trois fromages
- Thé A La Menthe

- Tarte cirton
- Oolong jasmine tea

- Jewish kosher pizza (which had an amazing crust!)
- One of the BEST tagliatelle quatre fromages that I have had till now.
- Pomme, awesome local sparking apple drink.

Went to Al Hasan II ‘s mosque by the sea. Then a movie with Isso, Sarah, her sisters and mother. Dad took us all out to dinner after that.

this is Al Asad Al Mur3ib, the tiniest Fiat we could rent. It's so manual, we have to lock the doors before we shut them.

Hasan II Mosque

Hasan II Mosque

Hasan II Mosque

Hasan II Mosque


  1. I hope u feel better soon... since I'm tired of u complaining about it everywhere :)

    the first picture of the mosque... I was all, WOW, how did she get the stars to show like that... it turned out that I had to wipe my dusty monitor :) ... but still nice pics especially of the Fiat.

    Feel better soon Asma, hope all is well by the time u read this comment.

  2. The mosque shot is amazing :)

    You should really get some rest. Seriously. You won't be able to help others if you get worse :(

  3. Thank u Qusay, but i'm even feeling worse today. and its not just a flu, i have a feeling there's something the doctor isnt telling me.

    Abdullah: yeah, i'm starting to believe maybe i should stay in today :(

  4. Wow! Great pictures of la Mosquée Hassan II.

    I have some but they pale in comparison (literally), and one of me is off kilter because I did the class back up, back up, back up for the SIL and fell into a basin (fortunately still on my feet, and a shallow dry basin, but comic relief none the less).

    Feel better, and get a med student to examine you--they can find all sorts of "zebras". LOL :)


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