Exposure - Part Trois

The main purpose of this blog was to be a photojournal. I think this is my first real effort at realizing what I made this blog for.

We never really change over time, we only become more fully who we are. The vampire Marius said that, I think. Anne Rice's "Vampire Chronicles" were a big part of my highschool years.

Those are mostly snapshots, only two of them are photographs that required a setting. They are arranged in chronological order. I'd like to see where I was and where I'm going, hoping it'll give me a better understanding of who I am.

I think Exif data is on most of them.
This timeline starts two months after I got the Canon 400D.
Again, those are snapshots.

18/10/2007 - Leaf at home.

18/11/2007 - Tulip at f/36

3/1/2008 - Rami

4/1/2008 - Door at Dr. Sami Angawi's residence, Al Makkiyah. Jeddah - Saudi Arabia

4/1/2008 - View from rooftop of Dr. Sami Angawi's residence, Al Makkiyah. Jeddah - Saudi Arabia. Doesn't it remind you of a Pink Floyd album cover?

19/8/2008 - Fahad with a lighter

19/8/2008 - Razan M's watch

4/10/2008 - Rayan Kattoua

4/10/2008 - Moe Habis


  1. Excellent photos all, in terms of subject, composition and technique. No offense to any of the male subjects by I LOVE Dr Sami Angawi's door!!!!

    Please shoot me an email at chiaraazlinquestion AT yahoo.com, I have an offline question. Thanks.

  2. Hey there =)
    wow! amazing shots ..
    I loved the "third" and the "sixth" ones ..
    the third has some hidden meanings in it ,
    and the sixth is kinda amazing
    and I figured out that I love the Black and white Photos :P lol

    Waiting to see more , really =D


  3. Chiara: thank you! well, his son is a friend and he allowed me and a couple of photographers we know to thoroughly invade their privacy for a whole day. was fun!

    Jays: thank you! glad you enjoyed them! i'll be posting my snapshots and experiments often insha'allah!

  4. Beautiful photos, and I loved the ones of the door and the rooftop view!!!!

  5. Thanx! Glad you enjoyed them! those are all snapshots, actually, photos i like but wouldnt consider my artwork :)


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