On Creepiness - Part Un

Now with profile picture mandatorily visible on Facebook, a tiny bit of my privacy has been lost. I was one of those whom you could see nothing of their profile unless you added them. And I only add people I have met face to face before. My current Facebook profile picture is the same as the one I’m using here, but with the rest of the newspaper showing. Racy, ain’t it?

A gentleman has been trying to add me since October 2008 and I haven’t been accepting, simply because I don’t know him. He sent me a message asking if we know each other and I replied that we don’t. With this action of mine I gave him a glimpse of my profile which lasted a month (I think? A couple of weeks anyway). We have 22 friends in common, last time I checked.

I ignored his friend request later on. On the same day I ignored it, he sent me a new one! How did he find out that I ignored it? Was he constantly stalking my page to see when he can add me again, as that would indicate that I ignored the last add?

I think this is unbelievably creepy.

He kept changing his display picture into pictures of him with a very young child, which I am assuming is his son/daughter, some of which while in Makkah by the Kaa’ba. Now, explain to me this: if he is married and has a child, what is he doing harassing a 23 year old girl he doesn’t know and isn’t even replying to him?

He then proceeded to sending me 3 provocative messages to date. One saying: “you can cancel the add now” last July, another one saying: “Still thinking !!” last December and the last one received today saying: “ur ugly !”. I am baffled by his eloquence. I am assuming that the reason for those messages us to provoke me into replying to him so he can see my profile again. Creepy pervert hentai!

First message:
Picture 10_blur

Other messages:
Picture 9_blur


  1. Post his personal info so we can harass him :P

  2. Karma, Abdullah! familiar with that concept?
    even though he's immoral, I wont let him make me the same.

  3. I would think the internet abusing the guy for stalking would be appropriate karma payback to him ;P

    Ah, what do I know. I have questionable morals myself ;P Ask some mutual friends about him.

  4. hentaaaaaaaai indeed :s
    he should get a life wtf !!!!!!
    and really , post his profile so we can harass him ? i am seriously bored and i could use some fun by harassing random creeps like this one

  5. you know,

    this is fermented like fine wine... LOL

  6. OMG! that's so creepy! the guy is crazy and 7aqeqah ma 3ndo work 2 do! i would probably blocked him or reported to facebook..

    i had such story but it lasted for two month, a guy kept sending adding request with a private msg in kel add. I decline and completely ignore the msg.. he sent once " this is my numbe if u don't want to add me and i will give u phone credit if you don't have to call me" /. it was crazy!!

  7. Why not report him as spam right in the inbox/messages area--also, I think Facebook has a place to report the post--look into the settings...

  8. LOOOOOOOOOOOL u have no idea how much u made me laugh !!!!

    u know.. there's a guy from out "beloved" batch.. who added me 8 times... 2 of them were on the same day!!! and in the end he talked to one of my friends telling her to ask me "why wouldn't I accept him" !!! LOOOL

    the other was like 9 years older (btw, older ppl freak me out, don't ask me why) and he added me from 2 different accounts with the same picture :\..
    am i supposed to be like.. an idiot and accept?
    and the mutual friends list was rising
    those people make me laugh actually coz they
    ((tafawa8o 3ala nafsahom fel '3abaaa2)))
    loved your post... hehehe :D

    p.s. so sorry for the long comment !!!

  9. darling friends with questionable morals (a.k.a. the two Abdullahs and Sam): I love you but it doesn't get better with time and no, u wont harass him. I already reported him. hope they deactivate his account for good.

    Firyal: yes! creeepeh =_=

    Saima: thanx for the idea! reported him :)

    Fadiosis: Glad I could make you laugh! and feel free to comment in whatever length suits you hun, you know its not mujamala, I mean it!

  10. Oh, and I almost decided to go on Facebook in a limited way for some reason that now escapes me. I shall remain Facebookless, since, as I tell all the nice people who have asked to add me, I would like to spend some time away from the computer!

    Blocking and reporting should be early manoeuvres since someone with such poor interpersonal skills usual doesn't get the message. Also harassing is a form of attention that feeds the beast--unless it is terrified of the big bad Abdullah's. I was going to offer the big bad Abdullah (he actually is, a rather nasty sort) in my life to make it a trio but the need exists no longer.

    Congrats at conquering a Facebook jinn! Jinns are everywhere! LOL :)

  11. Asmaa, you can block him from facebook setting and he would never be able to find you in the FB again unless he makes another user.
    I had similar experience.. someone with weird name, kept sending me dirty message via FB even thought I didn't accept the add. so later on, I figure out how to black people from finding me online and it really helps.

  12. Chiara: thank you for volunteering your Abdullah! it's a much appreciated gesture :D and quite a number of my friends decide to remain facebookless for a while, mostly during exam months...

    Murtadha: i reported him, facebook blocks him automatically after i report him, and i really hope they deactivate his account permanently! thank you for the idea though :)

  13. What's your problem with hentai?

  14. Hello! I've been a victim of that too, on Friendster though.

    Lately I've been getting friend requests from guys on facebook that I don't know but whose names suggest that they come from the same place as me. I admit I am very wary of adding my own kind to my friends list unless I know them personally.

  15. @coralbead Is it me or does saying 'very wary' together make a sentence impossible to read ;P

    @souma dont think FB will do much more than warn the guy, unless of course they've received multiple complaints about him. either way, he wont be bothering you anymore :)

  16. Souma--LOL :) let me know if you need "my" Abdullah (bleh bleh) in future. Ah, but he prefers his women blond, passive, and without a high school diploma--we are both out of luck :( for his protective services I fear. LOL :)

    I hope you will comment on my last 2 posts: on the silence of Saudi men in the blogosphere while Western wives are sharing their impressions

    and on having a baby in Saudi when you are an expat

  17. Hehehe =D
    I don't know where you from , but I guess all of "the girls " or lets say most of us .. are followed by freaks like him ! I once was put in the same situation , but in the end I surrender and gave his name to one of my cousins ^_^ thanks for sharing

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  19. Aha gee seems like you broke his heart.

  20. Ren: Sadly, i didnt break his heart. he made a new account and sent me an add two days ago =_=


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