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Our "Smile!" issue will be out soon insha'allah, and we have been featured in Oasis Magazine! Awesome, doncha think? The issue is just out, thanks to the lovely Jasmine! Now go buy the magazine! You can find it in Jareer Bookstore anywhere in Saudi Arabia and in many other places in the kingdom and out [click here for a list of places to find the magazine]

I'm starting a project called "Donate A Smile For KAUH" with the help of 3 wonderful photographers: Ahad Yamani, Ibrahim Khayat and Leena Koshak. The aim of this project is to take photos of the people working/living in King Abdulaziz University Hospital smiling and to make a video out of it. If you work or study in KAUH and would like to participate, details can be found here [click here]. Shooting will take place inside the hospital from Jan 2nd - 13th 2010.

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  1. will buy the magazine soon to read about the project, it's name is very inspiring and good luck with your "donate a Smile for KAUH" :)

  2. What great ideas! Good luck and Happy New Year to you and yours.

  3. Wafaa: thank you :D
    Murtadha: thanx :)
    Chiara: merci cherie! to you as well!


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