Origami and Quiche

Four hours of forensics every morning is rather exhausting, and four hours in the afternoon of medical ethics isn't a piece of cake either. Forensics is fun, a LOT of fun, really, but waking up at 7 am isn't exactly my cup of tea.

Went over to Amna's today. Made origami and spinach quiche, which was absolutely scrumptious (and i'm not saying that because we made it, it really was good xD )

Two nesting birds. Mine's the blue one, Amna's is the red one.

Amna making a yellow crane.


Amna's yellow crane and my purple crane.


Puppies! dedicated to Jeej :D

The zoo.



  1. I love how they are always hugging each other xD
    Thank you for a wonderful evening <3

  2. Now,see the early morning wouldn't bother me but the forensics might. Forensic pathology? Is the prof well-traveled, interesting, with a philosophical bent like mine was (the things I remember most are the 2 years he spent in Saudi, and him recommending and discussing the book Jesus Lived and Died in Kashmir, at least that is the title in Spanish.

    Medical ethics would be great! What topics and approaches are you taught?

    Origami would be best, and quiche the bestest! (Somehow I doubt is it a Quiche Lorraine though LOL :P)

  3. Aww love the puppies. You should teach me how to make them. And the quiche looks really yummy.

  4. You're a big fan of Quiches arent you? :P

    Love the origami... How'd you get to learn it?

  5. Amounatie: thank YOU <3

    Chiara: the doctor is very interesting! and has this twisted humour to him. all his examples start with "and the day you pin your husband to the wall to give him a black eye/punch his frontal bone to cause a fissure fracture in the back of his skull/et cetera". and the whole me being a vegetarian and quiche lorraine dont go too well together...

    Duha: i'll try to remember! i do remember how to make the Cranes though...

    Abdullah: i am! * smears mustard on quiche*. Amna has a book, and we looked some up online xD

  6. Souma--Very interesting forensics prof! I take it the medical ethics is a bore? (Not when I teach it! LOL :))

    Oh, yes, forgot about the vegetarian part, I was thinking that Quiche Lorraine has ham in it :P; now a octo-lacto quiche, that would be very sparse! My favourites are vegetable/cheese combo quiches anyway. :)

  7. The quiche looks really good! I love the little puppies! sounds like y'all had a nice time!


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