Umayyad Mosque

Firstly, i have a head splitting headache. been going on for two days now.
Secondly, i wish i shot more during my trip to Lebanon. This is from my little visit to Syria.

It is located in Damascus, it used to be a Basilica, and a Jupiter temple before that.



there's a colour version of it on my Flickr


  1. Nice photos!

    Sharing your headache! Maybe we can convince it to leave us alone and visit some deserted Atlantic Island. Hmmm maybe Isla Perejil (Parsely Island) the one the Moroccans and Spain were at near war over a few years ago--good for grazing goats and nautical rights! :)

    Take care, and take ibuprofen! :)

  2. Hey There =)

    I wish you took more photos in Lebanon too ;p I've never been there , but they say its amazing =(

    I hope you enjoyed your time in Syria , even with your headache =(

    The shots you took are amazing , specially the last one , I love B&W photos .. I think it's more beautiful on old architectures like this mosque :)

    Amazingly beautiful .. !

    Allah Ywfgek ^.^

  3. BEAUTIFUL location. Islamic history has always fascinated me, and Damascus is just one of those cities I've always wanted to visit for that.

    Love your shots, it looks like you're using a wide angled lens for them? Was wondering if it is possible to ever find places like these deserted.

  4. P.S. changed the 1st photo!

    Chiara: i was simply caffiene deprived!

    JAYS: the weather was wonderful, just what i needed! and thanx!

    Abdullah: it's so pretty!! and thans hun, used a 10-20mm. and no, u can never find them deserted. the things i stepped on by mistake shall haunt me forever O_O the socks i was wearing should be quarantined...

  5. Oh that will do it. Ibuprofen and caffeine at once is my current migraine treatment. Must move to a climate where the barometric pressure doesn't mess with my head the way it does in spring here.

    Fabulous photos--hope we see more! :)

  6. Took me back to 2005 when I visited Syria. That mosque is indeed a beautiful piece of architecture. If you had more time, I would have recommended you going to Aleppo too. They have this fascinating castle on top of a small mountain in the center of the city. Really worth visiting!

    p.s. when are we having Turkish apple tea together young lady?

  7. simply breath taking Asmaa.. mashallah ♥

    u really should say "please say Mashallah before u finish the post."

    LOL.. beautiful pics.. i'm definitely hiring u in my wedding :p..


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