Ninja Pissed Off At Love

This ninja (girl ninja) was given to me by Mazin for my birthday a few years ago. Along with some x-mas lights et voilà!

Ninja Pissed Off At Love_5453

Ninja Pissed Off At Love_5451

Ninja Pissed Off At Love_5454

Ninja Pissed Off At Love_5463

Now, I need human models. Any volunteers?


  1. Why don't u try to ninjatize yourself and do a self portrait :)

    I see u try to copy my style of shaped bokeh :P

  2. i wont make a good ninja, sadly =_=
    really? u did hearts? must check that! actually a friend of mine got me a pair of these they make all lights into rainbow hearts! looked like an idiot wearing them at a restaurant

  3. Interesting title, and creative exploration of the "theme" :)

    I'm not a bokeh fan but this is cute! :)

  4. I did bokeh a couple of times in my 365 project and here

    I also did bokeh in video Heart shaped bokeh, star bokeh, crescent shaped bokeh and saudi bokeh:)

    but I am still experimenting

  5. Monaia and Chiara: thanx :D

    Qusay: thats cute! i'm not usually into stuff like this, i tend to be more traditional. just trying something i wouldnt usually do...

  6. Love the photos here. At first I thought you used a special lens to get teh lights to look like that :)

    You can actually cut a carboard hole in the shape of a heart and stick it to the back of your lens (so it will supersede the aperture). Taken photos through that will make all bokeh heart shaped! :P

  7. Duha: <3

    Abdullah: and the photos love you! i will as well if u get me chocolate *hint*hint*
    that's exactly what i did, the cardboard trick =_=" look at the 3rd picture, xmas lights are normal at the bottom of the photo.


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