Thursday, May 6th '10

- A friend of mine, whom I shot during “Donate A Smile For KAUH”, just called me and in a very upset tone told me that a girl spoke to her today about how students are badmouthing the girls who appeared in the video. She was hurt and asked that I remove her photo from my blog post. She doesn’t mind the video but I’ve seen my photos reach chain letters before and it wasn’t pretty at all. She’s my friend and she kindly agreed to be part of the project, I wouldn’t want to hurt her in any way. If any of my lovely readers is to find my photos on any website/blog/chain letter/facebook group, please be kind enough to inform me.

- Duha’s sister is having a graduation party tonight insha’allah! Took photos of them dentists last week so they can use it during the party/keepsake. Colourful scrubs and awesome socks!
Still, medical students and dentists are the worse models. I am the one holding the camera, you do as I say, it’s pretty simple really. I’ll let you judge if my model has a class III malocclusion and you’ll let me instruct you during the photo shoot. Alrightie?

- Bought my friends a pair of vintage polas a while ago. Here are photos of the cameras. I think polas are awesome, but I’d rather invest in something more traditional, the like a nice vintage medium format.





Now I have me a piece of watermelon before I have to get ready for the party.


  1. yup,sadly,in saudi arabia we have to keep in mind the collateral damage as a priority before we do somthing.

  2. she should ignore them oo 5alas
    if they only tried to mind their own business they'd be dealing with more trashy issues

  3. I'm really sorry about your friend. Such an ignoble way to tarnish a noble cause! :(

  4. Dentographer: sadly so... but i'll have to discard of these thoughts if i were ever to do anything, otherwise i'd be just sitting here idly.

    Samar: it's a tad difficult when those people are the ones who run things. i can just help lift her spirits and hope for the best!

    Chiara: sadly this is how things go around here *sigh*


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