Another List

Guess what I do when I’m frustrated? I make lists! And guess when I’m most frustrated? The wonderful month of June!

Welcome to the 1st list of the month of June, 2010!

1- fix bookcase drawers. Done!
2- arrange stuff in fixed drawers. Done!!
3- fix dresser drawers.
4- get light bulbs for my bedside table lamp.
5- tidy up. ALMOST DONE!! xD
6- buy a hard drive, that one with firewire.
7- get shoes from Abeer. Done!
8- buy those purple moccasins. Friggin broke. Done! Mama got me them for my birthday
9- find a dress to wear at my second cousin’s wedding. Done!
10- find a dress to wear to my cousin’s graduation party. Done!
11- get good sleep.
12- shoot the labaniyah, hareesiyah and laddo. Done!
13- eat the labaniyah, hareesiyah and laddo. Or not. Done!
14- get rid of this tension headache, sans painkillers.
15- edit Lujain's milkah photos.

P.S. If anyone would like to volunteer to fix the drawers, tidy up my room, give me a neck rub or get me those moccasins i want, I wouldn't object at all! you'd even get a hug and a cup of Turkish apple tea!


  1. LOL :) Hmmm anything to do with the month of June in particular?

    One of my lists once included, "File herbs" :)

  2. Chiara: quite a lot of pressure in that month. academically and socially...
    herbs.... hmmm....

  3. Ah yes, how could I forget, June is probably the month of your academic year end, and of course it is prime wedding month season--at least in the West (summer solstice, Roman festivals etc) and in Morocco (really May-August inclusive).

    Yes, what can I say, I had reorganized all closets, filed books and papers, so what was there to do but cut the herbs from my garden and dry/freeze and file them: basil,oregano, parsley, rosemary (no thyme or sage though :) ). Otherwise, I would have had to...well, work, I guess! :( LOL :)

  4. Chiara: yes, exactly, the alternative would be work. which is why i just spent an hour taking pictures of stuff for a new blog post :)

  5. Was one of the plans getting your readers blind? ya fa6oos!
    i read this in google reader,and my eyes r now bleeding :(

  6. dont call me fa6oos! i just wanted to make a rainbow! *pou6*
    new post, loads of pics. see now!


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