I am a cat person, I love my Ophelia Bubbles. Got home after the shoot to hug and squeeze the poor little thing. I promise a cat post insha'allah!

A few friends and I had a little get together with 3 dogs: Darwin, Bella and Cinnamon for a photoshoot in the sun. Most of us showed up in summer dresses. Cute, don't you think?

Darwin is smaller in size than Bella and Cinnamon. He's been in a pet shelter for about 5 years before my friend picked him up. Before he got to the shelter he was thrown in the desert to die by Pest Control. He's so calm and quiet.

Bella and Cinnamon are big, noisy, smelly though they've showered and wont stay put!



Cinnamon and Bella_5583_blog
Cinnamon and Bella

Bella and Cinnamon_5587_blog
Bella and Cinnamon

Darwin <3






  1. Hello there :). Good morning Asmaa. You probably heard this a million times but I don't care. I'm gonna say it. Those photos are more than amazing mashallah, especially the black and white ones. The reason I decided to say that now is because I'm not a huge fan of dogs. Actually I'm not even a tiny fan of them. But I loved the photos anyway :). You have a way to get into people's heart. I love that.

    Mashallah :).

    Have a nice weekend.

  2. awww thanx Fadia *HUG* ur too kind! Dogs are fine as long as they don't stink. and Darwin marra y7azzin ya 7aram, he's so sweet!
    Enjoy ur weekend :D

  3. Even if I am allergic to dogs, yesterday was the most fun day in a very long time, and thank God I didn't get any allergy symptoms yet.. looking forward to the human photoshoot Souma :p

  4. I have dog-phobia. Their voices can cause me a panic attack but this Darwin is darn cute and sad. Great pics Xoxo.

  5. Asma, thank you for the wonderful pictures, they are SO expressive, they give you an idea of the dogs personalities and backgrounds.

    I love how cinnamon and bella are lively, colorful pups that enjoy life that way and the colors truly give that impression as do the captions, they are such adorable dogs i enjoyed their company :D

    and how Darwin is a more calm, old dog that comes from a sad background, also the black and white helps ALOT.

    hes sleeping at the vet for the weekend, and each time i look at these pics... </3 i miss him..

    thanks Soumz! :x

  6. Great photos! "Dogs Poolside" would be a good title! Darwin is wonderful, may he have a long and happy life now in compensation for his previous hurts.

    I will be dog sitting again in about 2 weeks and I live in fear that my canine niece who is quite ill (congestive heart failure; L murmur 6/6, R murmur 5/6; cardiomegally; no surgical option for dogs) will perish during that time. She was giving a 6 month prognosis about 6 months ago--may she defy the odds!

    Thanks for sharing these great photos.

  7. PS Phobias, especially specific phobias, are highly treatable with cognitive-behavioural therapy. Emphasis on the behavioural! :)

  8. Cookie: wanna get over that fear ;)

    Jeej: you think Bella and Cinnamon are lively, i think they're smelly... and THAT is why i'm a car person!
    but Darwin... oh cute little Darwin <3

    Chiara: thanx! Hope she defies the odds, poor little thing...

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  10. you were tagged here http://www.firyals.com/?p=423

  11. Very nice photos. The one with the dog at the window is very impressive. Please keep taking photos and posting them :)


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