Mazurka of The Sambousa

Ramadan Kareeem! wishing u a wonderful Ramadan!

I wanted to make it a Valse, but they're too long for a 42 second video...


  1. Fabulous! So creative! :)

    Ramadan Mubarak!

  2. Hi Souma

    I just wanted you and your readers to know about a post I just did, with an interesting theme for which they can contribute their own creations, and I will post them:

    Fun with Food Art--Foodies and Photographers Do Your Thing!

    I hope you and others will read, enjoy, comment, and contribute!

  3. Oh this was hilarious!

    Great fun..

    And btw I loved ur picnic shots too.. ur abaya fits is colourful and alive.. beautiful mashallah..


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