Book Cover

If this were a novel, would you buy it?



  1. I wouldn't--looks like Chick Lit or feminist literary theory on Chick Lit, or maybe a biography of the type I wouldn't want to read.

    My sister, highly intelligent, Deans Honour list, blah blah, reads Chick Lit to unwind, so she might.

    Now tell me it is the cover for a brilliant treatise on Hypatia! :D

    I do like the composition and the colour of the pic though. :)

  2. an aspiring first time publishing young author wanted a cover for her novel in Arabic, titled "A Doll's Tale". and as i'm feeling charitable this Eid, i donated a cover.

    so wish her luck!

  3. good luck for her :)
    I think it would be attractive to teenage girls...not for me at all :)

  4. Good luck to her for sure!

    And it is a lovely cover pic, and gesture for you to donate it.

    If the novel isn't chick lit, I hope to read it someday--when it is published in a language I do read, or my reading comprehension in Arabic improves beyond its current extremely limited state!

    Once again, good luck to her, and kudos to you!

  5. Noooooooo. I hate the whole girly girly thing about it. And im morally opposed to anything even vaguely 'Barbie'. Give me book that smells like centuries old paper, and original leatherbound volumes, and Im IN.

    Cover-art? Well depending on what the book was about, I'd have put barbie in a cage, or melted her plastic, or put a knife in her hands.. So there could be some allusion to the story and so that she could be an inch and a half less perfect.

  6. i wouldn't check it 7ata!
    gives me el impression eno el book silly


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