The Second Day of Rain - Photos

It started raining in the morning like it did yesterday, except today i was at home instead of being stuck at MCH Al-Aziziya (mustashfa al wilada). Around 4 pm my dad decides to take a road trip to Asfan. yes, 3asfan, a5r al donya.

Those are the photos chronologically. Home -> Asfan -> Home.

Andalus Road.

Ta7lia Street.

Almost Asfan.

Malik Road, my favourite!


  1. Fabulous photos!

    The rains seem terrible but so far not the deluge and flooding of last year.

    Your dad just wanted us all to have photographic representation of the current situation in Jeddah right? :D

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Malik Road, my favourite too.

  3. Sailing in Jeddah streets XD
    I loved the pics, specially the water splashing one :]

  4. Great job Asma, now I'm a little apprehensive about posting my photos... I was driving at the same time :)

  5. Duha: i like you *wink*wink*.... i still have a fever... yeah...

    Chiara: yup! he was actually enjoying that! he'd slow down whenever i hold my camera up to shoot! xD

    Hisham: thank u!

    Dareen: weee all live in a yelloa submariiiiiine

    Qusay: did u see me? did u see me?? xD plz do post them!

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