photos from my roof

it's that time of the year in Jeddah again! #JeddahRain !
They're not much, but i didn't/wouldn't go out today. seen them photos on my Tumblr people took? that would be the reason why.

boy cleaning the roof two doors down. yes, used my stalker lens.

i'm on the roof!! i just had to post that.

it hovered for so long around my area that i had time to run to my room and replace my wide angle with a stalker lens.

click on it for the full version. watch the mother with the stroller and her children.


  1. The great thing about taking pictures from the roof is that you have a 360-degree view of your surroundings. But when it comes to covering disasters, like that flood in Jeddah, you can't help but feel sad for those who have been affected. You may even be tempted to lend out a helping hand.


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