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He looked terrified all evening. I think he's experiencing separation anxiety, he spent all evening with mama after the zaffa.







With mama <3 Photobucket

Stuff I was listening to while editing...
So Long, Marianne - Leonard Cohen


  1. Alf mbrook. 3o8balik Soumzy. xD

  2. awww how CUTE!!! congratulations o 3o8balek in sha'a aAllah =)
    btw, who's the lucky groom ?

  3. Duha:
    allah ybarek feeki! w 3ogbalik inti ya gorgeous ;)

    My Secret Closet:
    thank you :) it's my cousin.

  4. فتحتي نفسي على الزواج
    هيا تصدقي بالله اني ودي أقوم أتصل على أمي وأقولها دوري لي عروسة :)

    بس ماشاءالله تبارك الله اخوك طالع زي القمر في الصور
    أكيد مو منه .. من المصوره المحترفه اللي اخذت الصور

    على فكرة أنا أول مره أدخل على البلوج تبعك شئ بصراحة مره روعه

    كل التوفيق لك يادكتورة وربنا يرزقك بابن الحلال اللي يسعدك يارب


  5. Nada:
    You get moar when i see you <3

    الله يسعدك دنيا و آخرة فرحتلي قلبي :D

  6. Hey .. this is "Anonymous" from the comment above :)

    just wanted to share this article with ya .. here's the link.


    I'd like to hear your thoughts on this one?

  7. Anonymous:
    It's wonderful! I perfectly agree!

    That night a lady from the bride's family, after we were introduced, was praying that God would help me with my studies and told me to focus on myself w rabbak yjeeb al 5air. It was the nicest da3wa!

    made me so happy to have met a lady who doesn't believe that marriage is the epitome of a girl's life!

    Don't you have an account you can log in with instead of "Anonymous"?

  8. Great photos! Congratulations to your cousin and his bride.

    The previous post picture of you and your cousin at an earlier stage in life was too cute!

    That is a wonderful duha from the woman you met.

    Anonymous--if you look at the option for commenting as Name/URL, the URL is optional. For the name, you could just put in an invented name if you prefer to be more private, or your own first name, nickname, etc. It helps for the rest of us to follow your comments within a post or from one to the next. :D

  9. Aha! Thanks Chiara I got it now!
    I'm not used to this blogging and commenting thing ;)

    Souma: By the way my name is Rami, so I'm "sammi" your brother, not as cute though ;)

    Frankly, this is a crazy issue I have never thought of it this way. it's unfair to look at the girls who does not get engaged because of naseeb. I've heard so many stories about young ladies who are well educated and successful in their career, yet they have been looked at as failures only because thy did not get married. which is insane in my opinion.

    I feel that this is kinda true, especially in female-doctors profession. when looking for prospective wives for their sons, moms look at them as " yeah she's good, but not good enough to be married to my son", which is 7aram, don't you think ?


  10. I love the pictures, so beautiful. <3

    Mabrook Rami!

  11. Rami:
    It is a terrible issue that is bound to affect the way many women see themselves and wreck their self-esteem. No matter how strong we are, society is overpowering and we do get moments of despair. But we'll deny that if u ever ask! :)

    And another issue being that the man isn't the one to pick, it's his relatives. And most of the time when it's him picking, he picks all the wrong things: beauty will fade, long hair will get a trim, slender physique will put on pounds with time. But he wont gain IQ and I wont stop thinking he's a shallow bigoted excuse of a man :)

    the pictures love you <3 and allah ybarek feeki!

  12. السلام عليكم

    حبيت اقولك
    شكرا انتي لأنك انتي السبب اللي خلاني افكر بالزواج
    من يوم ما شفت صور ابن عمك مدري قريبك هادا وانا اتحمست

    باركي لي خطبت دكتورة .. أمي شافتها بالمستشفى واعجبت فيها .. وانا على طول وافقت .. وربك سهل الأمور ... دعواتك بالتوفيق وانه ربنا يتمم بخير


  13. Rami:
    That is wonderful! rabbana ywafigkum insha'allah! your comment made my day! I only just got back to Jeddah and this is the first comment I've read on my blog!
    and he's walad 5alati, btw, allah yr7amha.


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