Every medical student you know, regardless of how sane, insane or walking the fine line between them they appeared to be, is officially as mad as a hatter this month!

Why, you ask? It's exam month!

You see, at first we suddenly appear to have acquired a massive amount of skills. suddenly we're the best chefs, painters, photographers, listeners, writers, bestfriends, boyfriends, girlfriends, personal shoppers, botanists, house keepers, movie critics, audiophiles, et cetera. It is absolutely wondrous what a medical student is capable of under stress!

Don't ask us how our studies are going, what chapter we're on or if we're on schedule. You'd be opening Pandora's box. Mood swings, borderline clinical depression, crying, insomnia and even psychosomatic manifestations.

Don't ask questions, just give us a hug and accept us for who we are.


  1. Hugs!

    Before my specialty exams in psychiatry I met all the criteria for hypomania. In a family therapy teaching session, was asked to role play a hypomanic 10 year old boy. I was so good at it, I scared the experienced male social worker. I also scared myself because I could feel myself "escalating". Somewhere in the universe that training session is immortalized on tape. :( LOL :D

    As a med student, I was on call for OBGYN. We had to call the Chief Resident in from home. It was a few days before his specialty final oral. He was hypomanic heading up toward manic. He arrived by cab, and rushed in to and through the hospital, talking a mile a minute. His feet didn't seem to touch the ground. The residents were laughing because he had been like that for days.

    Post-exam all disorders resolve--well, at least the situational ones. :D :P

    More hugs, and good luck!

  2. Would there any conspiracy theories if I hug you?

    oh wait, I just asked a question ..

    so i can't hug .. can't ask .. what else can I do??

  3. Chiara:
    Hugs! and how did I forget about the hypomania!! the increased caffeine intake and decreased caloric intake don't help with that!
    And yes, gladly they do resolve :D



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