Pre-quarter Of A Century Thoughts III

You can either be his woman or his muse. You cannot be both.

He can either make love to you or wish he could make love to you. The unattainability of a muse is what allows her to inspire; the unknown infinitely augments this desire clawing out through his flesh and trying to reach the surface at any cost, using any means.

He can either worship you or have you. Once he's had you, your celestial allure loses its mystery and becomes a reality. Would you rather be the manna he's never had or his morning cup of coffee?

Me? I'm the girl once he's attained he completely lost interest in.

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  1. why cant I be both?

    Some men attain her and then put her on a pedestal to worship her. She has to be muse perfect AND a daily routine or the whole relationship falls apart.

  2. Maybe you could, I wouldn't know. Until I find that, I'll be writing about what I know... This is turning into a depressing memoir of sorts, only 15 hours left for me to write.


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