Yet another list!

Here's last year's list of which only two items are left:
3- fix dresser drawers.
4- get light bulbs for my bedside table lamp.
Which I should get to.

And now, this year's list!
1- Know everything there is to know about Ob/Gyn
2- Tidy up my room
3- Get wire extensions for the lights.
4- Read the innumerable books on my to-read list.
5- Arrange shoes INSIDE shoe cabinet. Not around, not on top. INSIDE.
6- New abaya.
7- Read an arabic book or two.
8- Get those pretty amethyst flower earrings. *e7m*birthday*e7m*.
9- Fix my circadian rhythm.
10- Make mini galette.
11- See Didi and Ness more often. And you too Takrooni, stalker.
12- Have Indian food with Nada.
13- Edit the extra photos.
14- Make more backups.

Notice any similarities between the two lists? Not much has changed.
P.S. Fayiz, you can't call me Fa6oos anymore. 5ala9, i'm putting my foot down.


  1. I very like this list. ILAL AMAAAAM! ILAL AMAAAAM! (Couldn't resist.)

    I better see your face post-exams.


  2. I can help with stopping Fayiz from calling you Fa6oos ..

    Although you might not like the way I intend to do that XD ..


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