...Screamed the indecisive girl called "Asmaa".

Retail therapy is treacherous sea to navigate, and yours truly has fallen into it's midst! And I need help!

How could one resist buying such a beauty?

From September 22, 2011

Well, maybe the price tag, and the fact that I already have the jellies:

From September 22, 2011

Who are called Fahad, btw. Named by Reem.

But the Jellies don't have spikes and are not leather. And are unbelievably overpriced in my country that I have to buy them online to save 500 SR.

What should I do? HELP! You have 12 hours to talk me into or out of this!


  1. I usually frown upon the idea of flats, but there is no such thing as too many shoes, Mohurji. Have it in 2 colors if you must, but never EVER deny the want for shoes.

    The Devil Wears Batik

  2. I say go for it! your saving money!

  3. The Jellies and the spiked leather are totally different shoes! At most they are cousin shoes. You don't want to split up cousins, do you?

    Besides, what's retail therapy without a little hypomania?

    LOL :D

  4. Aren't you all the sweetest things <3 Thank you darlings, got the shoes! xD


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