On Beautiful Smart Girls.

I’ve always admired how well made up you always are. Even on days you’ve obviously not slept, even when I run into you the morning after your on-call you’ve not a hair out of place.

I owe so much to you. It all began in highschool when you sat me down that one evening and applied make up to my face. We were on our way to a friend’s wedding and I’ve never had make up on before. You were magical. I could paint but make-up was a whole new domain into which I feared to venture.

I’ll never forget your face the day I showed up in blue hair. We had a coffee date with your sisters and I just got back from a week at the beach. You were so bien coifee and I was all curly and burned raw. The look of sheer terror on your face at my dishevelled state brought me back to my senses. I still kept the blue hair for a bit over 2 years though.

You helped define that fine line between being made up and overly made up. And did I mention that you look gorgeous in anything?

You’re one of my oldest friends and one of the few who left a mark on who I am in so many ways. Thanks a ton!


  1. I hope you have told her about this post. It could make her day.

  2. I have, she posted it on her facebook xD


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