Some of you witnessed my fangirling earlier this weekend over Too7a singing at my cousin's wedding. You'll have to understand that she was one of the first lady vocalists of this country and quite the oud player!

I'd listen to stories from my grandmother, rest her soul, about the days when they used to go up to Taif every summer and gather at orchards where she'd play and sing.

You'll have to understand that my primary exposure to music was by my grandmother who loved to sing (which should explain my bouts of sporadic singing). She'd sing songs by Fawzi Ma7soon and Nazim Al-Ghazali.

This is one of the few pieces I managed to salvage of my grandparent's belongings before my dad got his way with what he called "piles of junk":

From September 25, 2011

And here are some of her most famous songs:

I'll never forget how she loved this song:


  1. Wow that 7" looks like it's still in good condition. How old is it? Definitely should be preserved, I wouldn't even know where to find old arabic records these days. Good job!

  2. Rami: Quite old! There's no date on it or anything. Thanx!


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