Veggie Burgers

Part of the "Stuff I cooked while supposedly studying for my Surgery final last month" series.

I've been trying to find a recipe that I like for quite some time now, I'm picky with my veggie burgers. I mostly don't like those with eggs in them but so far all the recipes I tried had that... UNTIL!! I came across this wonderful recipe!

  • two sweet potatoes, steamed, skins on, cubed.
  • a can of black beans.
  • cooked millet (instead of the quinoa in the recipe)
  • sweet corn.
  • oats.

Mash the potatoes and the beans, just not completely. Add some sweet corn to taste, and some millet and oats. Just keep in mind that the more millet and oats, the more fragile the patties are. Salt and pepper.

Cooked in the oven 15 mins on each side at 375 F.

Goes pretty well with pickles! I like pickles. Yes, those sandwiches are bare, so Mama and Isso can add whatever they want to them.

Also, I've acquired a taste for millet, I might start substituting rice with it. Here's the nutritional difference between millet and rice [click here].





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