Fashion, Beauty, and Whatnot.

No, I am not turning into a fashion blog. The vanity devil is yet to find a good enough deal for me.

 Let's talk about Unilever, shall we? You're not sure what Unilever make? Well, for one thing, they make Ben & Jerry's!! I kid you not! That is one product I support on this blog. Other products of theirs that I support? Langnese, Magnum, and Lifebuoy! Yes, this blog mainly supports ice-cream and hygiene, which are the stuff that really matter in life.

Now, if I happen to tell you that Ben and Jerry's are holding a fashion beauty event, wouldn't that be awesome! Well, it happens to be Lux that is holding the event, still Unilever though! It's called The Lux Beauty Gallery.

You know (or should know, since you read my blog) how I feel about make-up and feeding on women's insecurities. The lovely lady who invited me to this event made it sound rather charming, no harm in checking it out I guess!

It'll be the 29,30,31st of May, in the Hilton. Shall update this post as soon as I get more details. This is their press release if you'd like to take a look. See you there?

And another thing: Who's on Pottermore??


  1. Take heart! Lux is best known as a beauty SOAP! Hygiene still reigns over your blog!

    I once accompanied a fashion conscious friend to a Calvin Klein fashion show. It was fun and we each received a lovely eau de toilette gift. My brain managed to stay intact.

    Too bad I am not free on May 29-31. :( :P :)

  2. Ben & Jerry's, supporters of Fair Trade and Occupy Wall Street, have something to do with Fair & Lovely?
    This makes me sad face.

    That's also the week we'll have our crochet club meet :D


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