About Them Curls - Part Two: The Curly Quick-Fix

Warning: Another severely girly post. For the first part, [Click Here]

All curls are schizophrenic, some are bipolar.

When at the mercy of one's curls, one must find a quick-fix in order not to look like the long lost sister of George of The Jungle. Here are a few:
  • Up-dos:
A few pins, a hair band, and some dexterity. Quite simple, really. The simplest being the top knots and high buns. Some simple chignons can work wonders. Here are a few links:
http://thebeautydepartment.com/2011/12/short-stuff/  (My favourite!)
  • Heat:
Did you know that you can curl your curly hair? Indeedly so you can! You don't have to curl all of your hair, just those stubborn frizzy flyaways that are ruining the rest of your hair. All you need is a curler in your natural curl size.
  • Dry Shampoo:
Dry shampoo gives a sort of lift to your hair, wonderful to use before a chignon. Though I still haven't found a preferred product. So far, Lush's No Drought has been working quite well.

Do you have any other quick-fixes for lazy and thoroughly frustrating hair days? Do share! 


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