More Girly Confessions.

I have a confession to make, and it is quite girly.

After living for years in scrubs and a lab coat, I don't quite know how to function in regular human clothes. And being forced to live in them this year as I have been working in an office and having time to actually see my friends is making me discover things.

Examples of my wondrous discoveries:

  • Items that are in style will inevitably go out of style. Just buy clothes you actually like.
  • A black dress can save your life.
  • I should never wear white dresses, they make me look like a profiterole.
  • I still haven't mastered wearing skirts.
  • Whatever examples of dressing my age I google look terribly ridiculous.
  • I seriously miss my blue hair. But then, I'm almost 30.
  • I don't feel good in an abaya, regardless of how pretty. I want to wear real clothes.
  • I can't wear heels anymore, I think I abused my feet enough.
  • You can never have enough bags. Or shoes.
  • Men's shoes are so comfortable! Only finding a pair in 39/40 is quite difficult.
  • Did you start on your own real jewellery collection? You should.

What have you discovered?


  1. Hello,
    I am a History student at the University of Sheffield studying Middle Eastern History under Dr Abdel Rassaq-Takriti. I am currently writing my thesis on the personal and political use of social media (blogs, Facebook, twitter) by women in/from Saudi Arabia.
    As a British, non-Arabic speaking woman I am very aware that my access to resources on this topic is fairly limited, so I am trying to incorporate the perspective of as many Saudi women as possible in my thesis.
    In this light would it be possible at some point to arrange a skype or email conversation about your experience of blogging? Nothing you share with me will ever be published without your permission online or otherwise, and you can (obviously) remain completely anonymous if you wish. I am aware this is a pretty enormous request, but as I said it's very important to me to include all kinds of Saudi women's perspective in their own words, so I have to ask! I think your blog is absolutely brilliant.
    Kind regards,


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