The Blogging Business.

I miss my blog! Starting with the Ministry Of Health has been a handful to me honest, and now I'm in kilo11! Check out my #K11Problems  and #I_work_in_kilo_11_problems !

Today I received a surprise package from Unilever! I do like surprises! It was the Dove reduced hair-fall in two weeks line, not a bad surprise at all!

It happens to specifically promise two weeks. Let's see if it delivers! They suggest combing the hair and counting the hairs clinging to the rush they provided. Well, as a curly head, we don't really comb our hair. 

Something you may notice in this photo is the cute USB in the middle of the box. Now, as much as I like gift boxes, I despise press releases. I'm a blogger, I don't do press releases. Especially press releases about Fair And Lovely. That will never happen.

I understand the marketing concept behind this, but do you understand bloggers? Do you even read my blog?


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