The Skin.

I could never tan well. I always got burnt, mostly unintentionally.

Approaching 30 has got me thinking about my skin more. Mostly out of vanity, partially out of fear of people knowing my age. I even started taking daily sunscreen seriously and scrutinizing my morning/evening routines.

I've had terrible acne as a teenager, and after some 4 courses of Roaccutane I now only get occasional breakouts. I have an oily T zone (which looks more like an I) and dry cheeks. I'm more of a dry combination skin.

I've used Clinique since my mother got me my first 3-step system as a teenager. Though I've ditched the clarifying lotion recently and just used the soap and moisturizing lotion. Now I just have a complex routine that I'm trying to improve on. Here it is:



Eye Cream:
Night Cream:
  • My own mixture of 0.05% retinoid in 0.1% hydrocortisone cream. It's magical.
Masks and scrubs:

Now, I'm trying to add anything anti-aging, line reducing or such to my routine. Since I already have bio argan oil I thought I'd add it under my morning moisturizer. Second day so far, let's see how it goes! Any suggestions?? Kindly share!


  1. What is ageing? What makes it an antagonist? And why does it deserve a whole other ingredient in your concoction? Does that other ingredient have a happyifying agent? Is it expensive? Do you want me to pass you a missile launcher coordinated to my location?

    1. I love you.
      I guess it just reminds me of our mortality, and that scares me. Also, I miss you.


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