Concussion diary - 3 weeks later

I should've kept a concussion diary. I'm only starting to make sense now.

It's been three weeks since the accident. I'm still keeping lists of everything. My memory slightly improved, but other issues have risen.

I can't handle crowds. I feel too exposed, too vulnerable. Very soft, like I no longer have a shell. I need to regrow my walls.

I just went to work for the first time since. It's agonising. I was confident when I left the house, now not at all. Having terrible cognitive abilities isn't helping either.

I feel like every thought I have is just floating on the surface of my brain, and my brain won't soak up anything. Some thoughts seep in, I have a better recollection of conversations now.

I saw three patients so far. I remember them like one would remember last minute cramming on the morning of a test.

I'm crying too much, too. That isn't nice.


  1. I'm very sorry to learn of your accident and your suffering. Cognitive impairment feels very scary. I hope you are getting and taking proper care. Please don't try to do too much too soon. Get well soon.


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