Return To Work After Traumatic Brain Injury - Take Two.

It is difficult to return to work after traumatic brain injury. And I already feel like I'm spewing emotional baggage over all of you.

Sometimes I think I'm underestimating how bad this was, and that this is normal and I shouldn't feel guilty about not being able to carry on with life as usual. Other times I take it out on myself and things get ugly. I need to find a place in the middle.

I saw a few patients yesterday. It gave me stage fright. I felt like I forgot to put any clothes on and was out naked in public. I felt vulnerable and exposed.

After seeing a number of patients I felt unable to form proper sentences easily, I've consumed too much of my focusing energy and I couldn't put words together. Luckily, I didn't just point at her to shut up and leave. I wrote her prescription, which helped me regain some focus again and de-fog my brain, and I found the words to tell her how to take her meds. That wasn't easy.


  1. I hope you are working only very part-time to start, and congratulating yourself on every positive!

  2. Three years ago, I suffered 3 separate cardiac arrests, due to an undiagnosed genetic mutation in my heart. The healing process (physical, mental and emotional) is different for everyone.

    My advice: even though it is hard to get completely back to ""normal"" immediately, over time, it does get better. I found that if I explained my situation to others when I struggled, they were very patient and even helpful.

    Modesto Culbertson @ D & Z Law Group


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