Dear Universe, I thought we were friends.

Do you know how long it takes the nurses at my healthcare centre to respond to someone screaming in agony in one of the clinics?
Never. They wouldn't bother.

I'm not sure what it is that makes them ignore a screaming person, especially since they're healthcare professionals. They once even made a joke about me rushing to a screaming person across the clinics, only to find a pair of enthusiastic teenagers.

I had a bad flu all last week, it gave me vertigo at times. Three days ago I fell face down in my clinic. I'm not the type to scream, I'm not sure why but screaming even in the terrible pain I was in seemed pointless. I called out to the nurses, no one responded. I continued calling until a number of curious patients opened my clinic door and found me on the floor. They then called the nurses.

After thorough investigation, it became apparent that I had avulsion fractures in my right first metatarsal and my left first metacarpal. Both in casts at the moment.

It's only been three days but I already feel utterly useless. I can't even tie my own hair. Not cool, universe.


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