A Number of Things.

I have decided to compile a chronological list of all the times I have sustained a serious injury. A serious injury is any injury that has impaired my mobility and /or my ability to work.

Age 16:
-Dislocated right knee. 4 weeks in cast.
Age 26:
-Right knee injury, tripped on stairs in front of the supermarket. 4 weeks in brace.
Age 28:
-Right knee injury, slipped on ice. Impaired mobility for 2 weeks.
Age 29:
-Concussion, car crash. Three months and still recovering.
-Broken right big toe and sprained left thumb, fell. 6-8 weeks for the toe, 3 weeks for the thumb. I'm in week two now.

I've apparently been getting clumsier since 26. Also, inclined to fall/injure my right knee. Not cool.


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