Glambox October Review

Here are the reviews for June, July, Aug, and Sept.


  • It Style Eyeliner and Mascara:
    • Fullsize, retails at 6 Euro and 9 Euro as per the website (which is 25 SR and 38 SR)
    • Interesting.
  • Nivea Oil In Body Milk:
    • Fullsize, 250 ml for 18 SR.
    • interesting. But it isn't paraben free so I probably wouldn't purchase.
  • 4 Prada perfume samples:
    • As we agreed earlier, samples will got for 10 SR, so that'll be 40 SR.
    • the perfume was actually nice, would keep that in my bag.

Total Box Value: 121 SR, even though I think perfume samples shouldn't count.

Impression of this month: Still disappointed. 47.9% of the box value is supermarket bought and perfume samples. And you know what gets to me though? The Dubai box is so much more interesting. Here's a look: 

They get Inglot, we get Nivea and perfume samples. It's not about worth, it's about value. Our boxes are not nearly as valuable. If they don't step up their game in Saudi asap I will not be re-subscribing.


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