Winter at Tantora - Al Ula - Two

Day One - here

On the second day a lovely gentleman from Al Mosafer company helped fix the mess they made with the trail expedition I booked. He booked me a treasure hunt trail with the company The Explorers  which was downright lovely!

We gathered at the Winter Park and they took us out in jeeps and sand buggies.

 For future reference: shooting a rangefinder camera in a car is difficult.

 We went on a treasure hunt for different symbols itched on the rocks, then a good hike in the super fine sand which was a whole workout, and later a bit of hiking up a mountain. Later on, they let you know that there was an easier route but this was a scenic road! My muscles were aching but I was quite happy.

Later we got tea and snacks at the tent before heading back to the Winter Park.


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