Getting married during a pandamic.

We started planning the wedding in February. After waiting all these years we really didn't want to delay more. The sense of impending doom was at its lowest then, watching the news and keeping track of COVID. It didn't yet reach Saudi.

By March, cases started showing up. The wedding was early March and we'd already considered not having people kiss or shake hands. Everything seemed under control back then. Until we were stranded in two different cities.

For about two and a half months we were in two different cities and there was nothing either one of us can do about it. The whole country was under lockdown. No planes, trains, or automobiles could get my husband home to me. And even if there were we hadn't an apartment yet! And so we waited.

Living through a pandamic is stressful enough. Living through a pandamic, working in healthcare, and trying to start a new life is monstrously stressful. Worrying about accidentally infecting your family is the most stressful part.

Have you had any COVID dreams? They're intense, vivid dreams, sometimes nightmares, that are a result of our collective trauma due to the pandamic. People are having them all around the world. I've had my fair share.

Needless to say we haven't had a honeymoon. Or a vacation of any type. Oh what I would do for a vacation!

We've been married for 6 months, we've been together for 3. This week, we got a sofa. That's a milestone.


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